The Royal Hearts Mission...

August 18, 2017


Dear Subjects,

Life isn’t usually this binary. It isn’t usually this black and white. But I’d like to offer you guys something.

I believe that most of us fit into one of these scenarios.

Let’s imagine two different guys. Two different jobs. Two different people. But the same Monday morning.

Here’s Scenario One:

  • 6:00 am, the alarm rings. You need to be peeled from your bed with a spatula.
  • You look over and see nothing but distance between you and what was once the love of your life. This queen size bed feels like a football field. She doesn’t acknowledge you as you get out of bed.
  • You get to the gym and struggle through a half-hearted workout. You’re also distracted because your boss keeps texting you about a project that’s due today.
  • You forgot to pack clean underwear in your gym bag. You barely have time to get coffee and a couple donuts for breakfast.
  • 7:55 am, you’re in your car. You watch the as the steam dances from the lid of your coffee cup. The brick that lives in your stomach grows larger.
  •  “Don’t make me go in there.”
  •  But at least you have a job, right?

And here’s the second scenario:

  • 6:00 am, the alarm rings. But you’re already awake. You’re groggy but you’re also eager to get the day started.
  • You look to your left and see…her. The love of your life.
  • She stirs from her slumber. She looks at you with love and longing. A passionate kiss escalates into a steamy lovemaking session.
  • You get to the gym and have a workout for the ages. You hit a personal record deadlift when you pull 375 lbs. You feel amazing. You also get in 30 minutes of intense cardio on the stepmill. You’re spent, exhausted, but energized for the rest of your day.
  • Some healthy breakfast, shower, shave, and fresh clothes. You’re ready.
  • You stride to your office with confidence and power.
  • Your coworkers admire you and revere you. Several handshakes as you walk down the hallway to your office.
  • “I love my life.”

Scenario one, that’s one that I have lived in most of my life. Though I haven’t even had the distant relationship to transform. I have had no relationship. The bed has been empty.

Scenario two, that’s the one I want. I want the passionate relationship. I want wellbeing to be fun. I want the great career.

Which one is the king? Which one is the peasant?

The king: that’s the guy who loves his life. That’s the guy who can walk into a room and own it with his mere presence. That’s the guy who people respect and that’s a mover and shaker.

The peasant: he dreads getting to work. His relationship is as flat as a bedsheet. His job does nothing for him. Wellbeing is a chore.

  • Do you live in scenario one and you’re satisfied there? I’m afraid I can’t support you.
  • Are you in scenario one and want to be in scenario two? Let’s connect.
  • Are you in scenario two and want to stay there? Let’s connect.

Therefore, I have created Royal Hearts Coaching. Kings are the movers and shakers of the world. A kingly attitude and way of being can light the world on fire just to watch it burn.

I am eager, blessed, and excited to support my fellow kings on this journey of uncovering our royal hearts.

Now, let’s get to work! Let’s go be Kings!

With love and Royalty,

King (Coach) Ryan

PS. Share this with the kings in your life and with the queens who love them.