Announcing the KING OF THE WEEK


Being a king isn't this big, high and mighty ideal. It's something that I guarantee you see in your lives every day.


Do you know someone who goes out of their way to be a good father? Do you know someone who helps out his community? Do you know someone who just goes the extra mile in his relationships?

Do you know a king? I guarantee you do!

I'd love to recognize everyday kings in all our lives. I hereby announce: Coach Ryan's King of the Week!

The kings you nominate and who I choose will be recognized on my new website - Announcements coming every Friday starting Friday, September 8.

That's just a little over two weeks. Get your nominations in! This can be someone in your life. This can be someone who you know. This can actually be someone in the news.

Is this a king? Let me know!

You can nominate a king by filling out the contact form! It's that's simple.

Who is your king? And why do you nominate him? Let me know about his story and how his royal heart has affected you.

This is no contest. But I'd love to show the world how there are kings everywhere you look.

Comment on this post. DM me here on facebook. Or email me at

Kings are everywhere.

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Ryan Hall