The King's Court: Group Coaching

Are you a King?

Do you want to contribute to not only your personal transformation, but the transformation of your fellow Kings?

Do you feel stuck in your job?

Is your relationship on life support?

Have you put dreams in storage?

Do you want support in getting your dreams, projects, jobs, and relationships back on track?


If this is you, it’s time for The King's Court: Group Coaching.


  • The Kings Court is a three month, intensive coaching group. We’ll meet for 90 minutes, four times a month. We’ll also have, two 30-minute one-on-one calls every month - or one, one hour call (King’s choice.)
  • You’ll get support from me – Coach Ryan. And you’ll also get support from your fellow kings in the court.
  • Accountability, support, and love: that’s the Royal Hearts Kings Court.


We begin in September! So, get your projects together and let’s have a conversation.


Here’s the process:


  • Fill out the contact form and make sure you include your phone number.
  • I’ll reach out to you and we’ll have a conversation about your life, possibilities, and what you want to get out of the Court.
  • Applications close and all paperwork is due by Labor Day. The group begins work shortly thereafter.
  • No more than five kings will be in the Court.


Pricing will be discussed during our phone conversation.


Let’s be Kings! Join today!

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